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Phone Wear 360 with iPhone 4/4s Case

Phone Wear 360 with iPhone 4/4s Case

Phone Wear 360 with iPhone 4/4s Case
Back of case with sleeve attachedPhone Wear 360 with iPhone 4/4s CaseRotates on arm 360 degrees for use while wearingPhone Wear 360 with iPhoneLow Profile armband
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No assembly required.  Simply adjust the armband to fit.  Comes ready to use with your iPhone 4/4S.

  • Phone Wear 360 device with Black Armband (One size fits all armband).  
  • iPhone 4/4S hard plastic case of your choosing. (Select Case color below).  The case is constructed of hard plastic.  
Ready to wear. Just strap on the armband, insert your phone into case, slide your phone onto the device until you hear the "click."  That's it.  

Now you can wear your phone and use it too!  Patent pending design provides 360 degree, 8 position phone rotation while wearing, plus quick lock and release clip allows you to take the phone on and off the armband with ease. 

Phone Wear 360 device is constructed with quality Nylon 6 plastic parts fastened with a nylon barbed rivet to provide strength, flexibility and security

A security strap is included in the mounting kit for additional phone security while doing strenuous activities such as running.  This keeps the phone "locked down" to help further reduce rattling or vibration of phone.
Note: iPhone 4/4S not included   

The Phone Wear 360°™ armband is made from flexibly neoprene material.  It is comfortable and washable.  This band is currently available in BLACK only and comes in a one size fits all option:    It is designed so that it can be worn on the wrist, forearm, or upper arm.  The band is adjustable to accommodate many arm sizes.  See guide below for fitting guidelines.
Armband Size Fits Wrist, Forearm, Bicep Areas
One size fits all  6-1/4 inches - 16-1/2 inches
The band is easily removable for cleaning. Hand wash with mild detergent, lay flat on towel to dry.
NOTE:   DO NOT machine wash or place in dryer.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
running, workin, drivingI'm rarely without my device! I wear it on my upper arm when I run in the morning, when I walk the dog, garden, etc. I always put it on my wrist when I drive so that I can have it on speaker and talk with 2 hands on the wheel (no texting though). I do a lot of artwork and find that it's helpful to have on my wrist so that I can see it and not disrupt whatever I'm working on. Love it!!! Written by Liz I on Fri 7 Nov 2014 2:44:57 PM GMT
i am handicapped...........I am a 67 year old man. I was born with a birth defect that took my left arm from the elbow down. I have always had to hold my cell between my ear and shoulder if i needed to stay mobile while talking. Thanks to this device, I now have a sense of freedom I've never had. i strap on my phone wear 360, when ever im out and about. Grocery shopping, running, at the gym on my bike........the list is really endless. its exciting anticipating what else i can easily do thanks to this device. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Written by Bruce Miller on Mon 3 Nov 2014 5:30:36 PM GMT
my phone wear experienceI am a 54 year old woman I have been wearing my phone wear 360 for four months and cant imagine how I got along without it. I haven't carried a purse for 20 years so my cell is always in my pocket. Now that I have my phone wear device, I no longer pocket dial, my running shorts are not constantly needing to be pulled up and while biking all I need to do is turn my phone toward my face, put it on speaker and continue riding as I have a conversation!!! I love it!! Written by Cathy Miller on Mon 3 Nov 2014 5:08:04 PM GMT
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