Inventory Management is a critical function to most every business.  Efficient movement of both your inbound and outbound inventory items is critical to a smooth operation.  Inventory Management software apps are now readily available for both the Apple iOS as well as Android operating systems.  That's great news for small and large complex inventory operations alike.  Free or very affordable software that can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod, or Android device make inventory management a reality for your your business.

Much of this software has scanner capability as well, allowing you to do much of your inventory tasks using nothing more than a smart phone.  iTunes has many inventory management apps to choose from such as Stock Control, Goods Order Inventory, Business Inventory, Cashier Live, Canvas,and Inventory Droid to name a few.  To read more about all the different inventory apps available we found a great blog that gave a Top 30 Inventory Apps List.

Once you decide to use one of the inventory management apps for your business, you can further improve your operations by using Phone Wear 360, a fully adjustable armband that allows you to wear your phone on your wrist, forearm or upper arm.  It allows rotation of your smart phone to 8 positions so you can use your inventory app while it's on your arm.  An additional feature, and one that provides the most benefit to the inventory tracking process, is a patented lock and release function that allow you to slide the phone on and off the armband.  This allows you to slide off the phone and use the scanner function, then slide it back on to free up your hands to grab the items you need.

Inventory Management keeps getting smarter and easier than ever with the help of mobile apps and new devices such as Phone Wear 360.

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