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  1. It's 2018.  Mobile devices are everywhere helping us do just about everything, including managing a warehouse.  Whether you are a big retail business such as Walmart,  Target, and Amazon OR any smaller size business that maintains inventory in a warehouse your business should be using one of the Warehouse Management apps to dramatically increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations.  Top apps such as Snappii, LoMag, and others have built in bar code scanners so your phone can become a scanner.  These apps are typically available for either the iPhone or Android mobile operating systems.

    These types of mobile applications allow features like:
    • tracking of goods shipped in or out
    • creating pick lists
    • maintain stock levels
    • real-time stock levels at any given date and hour
    • excel import/export of product information
    • built-in barcode scanners
    • generate warehouse documents for goods shipped, goods received, and more
    View a list of the Top Warehouse Management Mobile Apps.

    To really release the performance efficiencies of these mobile apps, all your warehouse workers should have the software configured on a mobile phone or iPod Touch.  Further, our business customers have found that using a smartphone armband such as the PhoneWear 360 product which allows workers to wear their phone anywhere on their arm so they can see or hear texts and phone calls as well as use the 8 position, 360 degree rotation function to use the warehouse management app while on their arms.  Lastly, if they need to use the barcode scanner, they can simply use the lock and release function to easily slide the phone off the armband, use the scanner, complete the use of the app, and then slide and lock the phone back in the armband.  Workers hands are free to pick the product and go.

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