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  1. Well, it's about time.  Both Apple and Samsung now offer water resistant smart phones.  The Apple iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 are now available with water resistance.  What does this mean?  It means that people can throw away those "phone pocket" armbands and free their phones.  Now joggers, runners, bicyclists and boot camp fanatics can now do their thing while keeping their phone on their to use at anytime.

    No more having to keep your smart phone in a plastic pocket on your arm.  You can now simple attach your phone to the PhoneWear 360 sleeve and use your phone while you wear it.  360 degree, 8 position rotation allows  you to see and use your screen.  And by simply pressing the two side suppressors you can quickly slide off your phone, use it, and slide it back on, without every taking the Phone Wear 360 armband off of your arm.

    And why do most people doing all these outdoor activities currently wear their phones on their arms?  To list to music of course.  Well, with the iPhone 7 design no longer having a headphone jack you can have the ultimate in mobility for listening to music with a pair of bluetooth earbuds and th Phone Wear 360 armband.  No more worrying about the wires!  Who cares now.  Feel free to throw your arms up in the air like you just don't care, because you can jump around, exercise, bike all you want without worrying about those earbud wires.  Plus, you can easily change songs by rotating your phone on your arm to see the screen without the need for taking off your armband.  Or, if your prefer, slide the phone off the armband, use your phone, and slide it right back on.

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