1. It's 2018.  Mobile devices are everywhere helping us do just about everything, including managing a warehouse.  Whether you are a big retail business such as Walmart,  Target, and Amazon OR any smaller size business that maintains inventory in a warehouse your business should be using one of the Warehouse Management apps to dramatically increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations.  Top apps such as Snappii, LoMag, and others have built in bar code scanners so your phone can become a scanner.  These apps are typically available for either the iPhone or Android mobile operating systems.

    These types of mobile applications allow features like:
    • tracking of goods shipped in or out
    • creating pick lists
    • maintain stock levels
    • real-time stock levels at any given date and hour
    • excel import/export of product information
    • built-in barcode scanners
    • generate warehouse documents for goods shipped, goods received, and more
    View a list of the Top Warehouse Management Mobile Apps.

    To really release the performance efficiencies of these mobile apps, all your warehouse workers should have the software configured on a mobile phone or iPod Touch.  Further, our business customers have found that using a smartphone armband such as the PhoneWear 360 product which allows workers to wear their phone anywhere on their arm so they can see or hear texts and phone calls as well as use the 8 position, 360 degree rotation function to use the warehouse management app while on their arms.  Lastly, if they need to use the barcode scanner, they can simply use the lock and release function to easily slide the phone off the armband, use the scanner, complete the use of the app, and then slide and lock the phone back in the armband.  Workers hands are free to pick the product and go.

    This information is brought to you by Phone Wear 360.
  2. Well, it's about time.  Both Apple and Samsung now offer water resistant smart phones.  The Apple iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 are now available with water resistance.  What does this mean?  It means that people can throw away those "phone pocket" armbands and free their phones.  Now joggers, runners, bicyclists and boot camp fanatics can now do their thing while keeping their phone on their arm.....free to use at anytime.

    No more having to keep your smart phone in a plastic pocket on your arm.  You can now simple attach your phone to the PhoneWear 360 sleeve and use your phone while you wear it.  360 degree, 8 position rotation allows  you to see and use your screen.  And by simply pressing the two side suppressors you can quickly slide off your phone, use it, and slide it back on, without every taking the Phone Wear 360 armband off of your arm.

    And why do most people doing all these outdoor activities currently wear their phones on their arms?  To list to music of course.  Well, with the iPhone 7 design no longer having a headphone jack you can have the ultimate in mobility for listening to music with a pair of bluetooth earbuds and th Phone Wear 360 armband.  No more worrying about the wires!  Who cares now.  Feel free to throw your arms up in the air like you just don't care, because you can jump around, exercise, bike all you want without worrying about those earbud wires.  Plus, you can easily change songs by rotating your phone on your arm to see the screen without the need for taking off your armband.  Or, if your prefer, slide the phone off the armband, use your phone, and slide it right back on.

  3. Inventory Management is a critical function to most every business.  Efficient movement of both your inbound and outbound inventory items is critical to a smooth operation.  Inventory Management software apps are now readily available for both the Apple iOS as well as Android operating systems.  That's great news for small and large complex inventory operations alike.  Free or very affordable software that can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod, or Android device make inventory management a reality for your your business.

    Much of this software has scanner capability as well, allowing you to do much of your inventory tasks using nothing more than a smart phone.  iTunes has many inventory management apps to choose from such as Stock Control, Goods Order Inventory, Business Inventory, Cashier Live, Canvas,and Inventory Droid to name a few.  To read more about all the different inventory apps available we found a great blog that gave a Top 30 Inventory Apps List.

    Once you decide to use one of the inventory management apps for your business, you can further improve your operations by using Phone Wear 360, a fully adjustable armband that allows you to wear your phone on your wrist, forearm or upper arm.  It allows rotation of your smart phone to 8 positions so you can use your inventory app while it's on your arm.  An additional feature, and one that provides the most benefit to the inventory tracking process, is a patented lock and release function that allow you to slide the phone on and off the armband.  This allows you to slide off the phone and use the scanner function, then slide it back on to free up your hands to grab the items you need.

    Inventory Management keeps getting smarter and easier than ever with the help of mobile apps and new devices such as Phone Wear 360.

  4. As someone that has been working out ever since my days in college, I've always been listening to music while I work out as motivation.  Back in the 80's I carried a Sony Walkman to the gym, then as technology changed so did the device playing the music.  Flash forward 30 years and now I use my smartphone to listen to music.

    The one thing that had remained constant over all the years was the fact that my music was teathered via headphones to whatever music player I was using.  Then, BlueTooth technology changed that.  Wireless headphones were born.  They used to be quite expensive, but the price has come down to as low as $79.00 to $199.00 depending on the brand.  The great thing about these wireless "earbuds" are that now you can workout, job, bicycle, or excercise without wires getting in the way of your motions.

    The one drawback with bluetooth technology is that you have to have your device very close by.  So, there is still the problem of what to do with your music player.  Many people put them in an armband sleeve or in their pocket.  Both of these options limit just how much control you have over what you're listening to.  We all have playlists or music apps with our favorite songs on them.  We have songs on those playlists and stations that are truly our favorite songs and then we have those songs we want to skip over.

    If you use Pandora or I Heart Radio or similar apps you can improve your music station by liking or disliking the songs being played.  It's kind of hard to do that while your phone is inside a sleeve on your arm or in your pocket or tucked down your shirt.

    Phone Wear 360 is our patent pending creation of an armband device for smart phones that gives you instant access to your phone, music, and apps.  Our device comes on an adjustable armband that fits anywhere on your arm from your wrist, to forearm, to upperarm.  The best features of our design however, are it's simplistic and secure design which allows your phone to rotate in 8 positions a full 360 degrees so you can orient the screen as needed to use the touchscreen while you are wearing it.  Plus, a simple push button lock and release feature allows you to easily slide your phone off the armband to take a call and then slide it back on locking in place for re-securing the phone back on the armband.  

    The plastic is made of a strong Nylon 6 plastic hybrid to provide durability while also having flexibility.  Plus, the tension rivet that holds the device together can withstand over 450 pounds of resistance.  You can feel secure knowing your phone will remain safely on your device.

    To really appreciate the freedom the Phone Wear 360 device gives you is to listen to music with it while wearing wireless headphones.  I wear my Phone Wear 360 armband on my wrist so I can easily rotate my phone, access my music app and change stations, fast forward thru songs, mark songs as favorites without all the hassles of today's current armbands.

    If you love listening to music while working out or while on the go, try Phone Wear 360 today.

    Phone Wear 360
  5. Do you or someone you know love to listen to music while they exercise at the gym?  Go bike riding?  Jogging? Walking?  We've designed the perfect smart phone armband/wristband.  Phone Wear 360.  It let's you use your phone while you wear it with a patent pending design that allows the phone to rotate 360 degrees in 8 positions.  You can also take the phone on and off the armband device with the push of a button.

    Just twist your phone on your arm to orient the screen to you, then bring up your music app, such as Pandora, or your music playlists and make your selections.  Don't like the song playing?  No problem, easily pick a new one without having to take your armband off.  A text, e-mail, or phone call come in while your phone is on your arm?  No problem, Phone Wear 360 lets you push a button and slide your phone off them device.  Then just slide it back on when you're done.

    Phone Wear 360 can be used with just about any smartphone.....phablets are too large for our product and I don't think you'd want to wear one of those on your arm anyway.  We also sell our product with a variety of cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 as well as Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S5.  And, of course, we sell cases for iPod Touch Gen 4 and Gen 5.

    It makes the perfect Christmas gift for anyone that loves to listen to music while they do their workout.  Check out our Phone Wear 360 product video to learn more.

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